Swingin La Vida Loca

Ricky Martin meets Michael Buble in a hilarious sing off show.

Ricky Martin meets Michael Bublé

Imagine some of the most recognised international entertainers of the 20th century, spanning the globe from Rio, to Vegas and New York brought to life with this highly interactive and entertaining performance on stage.

Featuring 3 exciting artists and performers, with optional full band and glamorous dancers, this show exhibits what would happen when the world of Latin Pop, collides with the Kings of swing and an Amazonian goddess from Brazil. Tunes to excite from Samba, Salsa, Swing, Jazz and contemporary hits from Ricky Martin and Michael Bublé to Sergio Mendes, celebrating hit after hit from the Kings of Latin Party anthems to the King of Swing. This spectacular show will have your guests enthralled, engaged, entertained and wanting more.

This show can be tailored specifically for your event, from a 30 minute corporate feature, to a 90 minute concert including full live choreographed band and dancers. This is a high energy, high impact show designed to deliver to you a night to remember.