The CottonClub Orchestra


Today’s hit songs turned into Vintage Grooves

The CottonClub Orchestra’s formula is simple. Take a modern chart-topping song, add some vintage rhythms, grooves and original arrangements, shake it all up in a time machine and presto. You have something unique and amazing.
Tunes from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Kylie Minogue, Ariana Grandé to Pharrell Williams and much more, Sydney’s CottonClub Orchestra bring together some of the coolest Cats in town to transport you back to a modern day CottonClub Party.

Imagine going back to the dangerous and exciting times of the 1920’s, when alcohol and gambling were prohibited and swing and jazz ruled, the CottonClub Orchestra present to you an amazing show to take you back to the Roaring 20’s and bring you back to the Crooning 50’s with some of today’s chart topping tunes;;

Tunes include: I’m Spinning Around, Focus, Young & Beautiful, A Little Party Never Killed nobody, Crazy in Love, Happy, Man in Mirror, Sign Sealed Delivered, Sing Sing Sing, Locked Out of Heaven, Bang Bang, Rolling in the Deep, and many more